When will our market re-open?

Dear customer,

As we have so many wonderful new people buying our boxes, who have never been to our market, we thought we would tell you a little more about it. 

The Pure Boland Market started in February 2009 after I realised there is no proper food market in the Breede River Valley.  I used to have a food label, Spikkel Homemade, back then and travelled to Cape Town and surrounds over weekends to sell my products there.  

Together with my friend Berna, we started the market a few months after the seed was planted. Berna helped me so much during the first year to build the market, but unfortunately she had other engagements taking up her time and could not continue this journey after the first year of market fun had passed. 

We were lucky enough to have access to the perfect premises, The Groenstoor in Brandwacht, just outside Worcester. With a magnificent view over the vineyards, dams and mountains, we could not have asked for a better spot. 

It was amazing to see how many others in the food business were hungry for an opportunity like this when we were scouting for locals to take part in the market. In no time we had a great selection of traders with unique and delicious products.  Soon many day visitors would travel from Cape Town and beyond to visit our market.

Before Covid we were open every first Saturday of each month (except January) but with the national lock down announced earlier this year, like all other markets, we had no choice but to close.  When the extension of the initial lock down period was announced, my husband, Pieter and I decided to start the weekly boxes, as many were dependent on their monthly income at the market.

We have been sending out boxes for just over three months now and we are overwhelmed by everyone’s support, you guys have been great!  I wish each of you could realise just how much every sale means to all the small businesses, whose products are included in the boxes.  We try our best to include as many small businesses as possible.  We also try to make the box content the best value for money for our customers.   We also try to get the freshest produce we can find locally. 

Why is the market not open yet, but some other markets are?

Two reasons;  many of our traders are over 55 and fall into the higher risk category regarding the Corona Virus, therefore we will rather wait until the peak is over and until the weather is a little warmer before we will re-open.  

Most stalls are trading inside the shed, space is limited and we don’t want to squeeze every one in too closely together under current circumstances. 

Secondly;  Visitors don’t only come to shop at our market, it is a day outing of sitting outside absorbing the beautiful view, while sipping on a great coffee and enjoying a breakfast roll or freshly baked croissant. As the day evolves, wine and craft beer makes its way to the table and lunch is bought from the various food stalls. Children can safely play at Sonnet Flynn’s creative children activity stand and every now and again the horse girl will bring her pony or horse for the kiddies to enjoy rides.  We don’t want to ruin this vibe and memories by trying to open while regulations are strict, so we will rather wait a little longer and support our traders by selling as many boxes as we can. 

Will we continue with the boxes once the market reopens and the Corona Virus is long forgotten?

YES WE WILL!  We absolutely love this project and we have long term plans. 

How can you help us? 

Apart from supporting us by ordering our boxes, we NEED YOUR FEEDBACK.  We are completely new to the box business and we need to know what you like, what you don’t like, where we excelled and where we messed up. 

We aim to please, but no one is perfect and we might oversee some things, things you are hoping we could change or do better;  please tell us straight up!  

Even though we do advertise widely, we found that word of mouth is the best way, so we will really appreciate it if you could help us to help more small businesses, by spreading the word.  We hope you enjoy this box and we are looking forward to your feedback. 

Enjoy! Pieter & Tharina

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