To Eat
To Eat
Breakfast, brunch or lunch? Whether you come at nine or noon, there’ll be a ready-meal to satisfy your hunger. Savoury or sweet? The snacks are abundant. The one thing they all have in common? Home-made heartiness of course.
To drink
To Drink
Whether it’s thirst or just a craving, quench it with anything from barista-brewed coffee and prize-winning craft beer to specialised drinks and cocktails made from exotic ingredients.
To Do
To Do
Lazy browsing is interrupted only by quick chats to acquaintances passing by. It is topped off with a sit-down refreshment enjoyed slowly in the company of friends – inside or out in the sun.
To take home
To Take Home
Liven up your cooking with top quality fresh produce, meat and cheese. Treat your dinner guests to a great new herb or sauce. Treat yourself to a new set of earrings or a bag, your home to fresh flowers or a new décor piece and your kids to a hand-crafted toy. Feed your mind with a book or your soul with a painting. You’re literally spoilt for choice.
For the Kids
For The Kids
Hours of fun for the kids means hours of peace (of mind) for parents. Kids get creative with colourful sand art and good old-fashioned painting and colouring. A grown-up is always around to lend a helping hand and parents can relax within arm’s reach of their little ones.
So much more
And so much more...
Locals come hungry not only for what they can buy, but for a healthy dose of fresh country air, spectacular winelands views and a festively friendly setting in which to recharge for the coming week.

About Us

The words “green shed” will mean more or less the same thing everywhere in the world. Except in Worcester. Here locals know it means a morning to remember that comes around every four weeks or so.

On the first Saturday of every month except January, the green shed in Brandwacht (a beautiful mountain-lined nook just outside of town) becomes a hive of enjoyment. The Pure Boland Market brings together about 45 producers and entrepreneurs who sell their creations to those who love local and the delightful blend of humble hospitality and pro-level product.

The Groenstoor (the Afrikaans word for green shed, which has become a standard word in the local vocabulary) is enjoyed by thousands each year. They know that the market, still flying after the very first day in 2009, will not disappoint.

Location: Brandwag, Worcester

Contact us

Tel: (082) 3018561

Opening Hours

The market is open every 1st Saturday of the month from 09:00 tot 14:00


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